Chris and Tom return to discuss a big pile of news, a slow summer of hobby, our latest Age of Sigmar battle and loads of questions.

Tom’s been experimenting with the Hammers of Sigmar colour scheme with his new Sacrosanct Chamber units.

Tom’s Sequitors are not afraid of these specific ghosts.

A splash of red sets Tom’s new Evocators apart.

Chris’ Arcanites prepare to defend the ritual site at the start of our latest battle.

Tom’s new Sequitors form a line of battle on one flank.

Fulminators annihilate a unit of Pink Horrors as Judicators manage to kill the Gaunt Summoner. But the Tzaangor are RIGHT THERE!

Chris’ Tzaangor tear Tom’s Fulminators to pieces in a dramatic, box-art worthy moment.

On the other flank, Tom’s neglected Judicators get (a) sliced in half by a space pendulum and (b) set on fire by Blue Horrors.

Chris’ lowly Magister steps up to the plate, summons a Balewind Vortex, and goes to work.

Tzaangor colide with Sequitors and… don’t do any damage. They do kill a unit of Judicators and a Knight-Incantor, but will spend the rest of the game here.

Tom’s Vanguard-Hunters finally arrive, but find themselves immediately beset by a big ball of ice cream. Then, one of them is turned into tentacles. Oops!

Chris’ Curseling charges the Knight-Heraldor and achieves absolutely nothing at all.

Eventually, only two Vanguard-Hunters remain – but, surviving against the encroaching horde, they manage to occupy the centre of the board and force a draw!

Tom Hatfield’s Age of Sigmar political compass.

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