Tom and Chris discuss a lot of Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 news, explore dazzling new shame pile expansion excuses, and try out the new rules for Age of Sigmar Skirmish.

Plus: thoughts on the new White Dwarf, rave goblins, and a night in with Sad Magnus.

Tom’s Blackstone Fortress Rogue Trader and his excellent trousers.

Tom’s grimdark Starship Troopers battle hobbits.

Chris’ Warriors of Rohan.

One of Chris’ Riders of Rohan.

Chris’ Cryptek.

Chris’ Lord of Chaos, who is standing on a barbecue.

Chris’ Aspiring Deathbringer, who IS a barbecue.

Chris’ Skullreaper champion and his questionable blessings.

The opening moves of our first game using the new Skirmish rules and scenarios. In the middle of the board, the most valuable of three objectives comes down to a clash between Chris’ Aspiring Deathbringer and a Bloodwarrior and Tom’s Prosecutor champion.

Chris’ Bloodcrusher smashes into Tom’s Sequitor champion and Knight-Zephyros, doing a single mortal wound on the charge before missing all of his attacks and being chopped to pieces.

In one corner of the board, the Scorpion/Crab Man fights three Bird/Dogs for an entire game. He kills two, and the third retreats to be a Bird/Dog elsewhere.

The game ends with Tom’s Knight-Zephyros locked in combat against a pile of Blood Warriors. She slays them to a man, but is taken out by her final foe’s retaliatory strike. Chris wins 13-6!

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