Chris, Tom F and Alex discuss Dicey Dungeons, Jupiter Hell, Exanima and Fire Emblem. Plus: arguably the worst way of categorising games we’ve ever come up with, and that’s saying something.

I’m sorry, but for physics reasons I need you to cradle me and lower me to the earth.

  • We’ve all been playing Dicey Dungeons, including Pip, who worked on the game. There’s yer disclaimer!
  • Alex has been adjusting to the various speeds of Jupiter Hell, the spiritual successor to DRL.
  • Chris would like to tell a long story about a time when he fell over, and also in Exanima.
  • Tom is, miraculously perhaps, enjoying Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Except Ferdinand, who he hates.
  • Here’s Alex’s blog, including his most recent post about his son’s experience of Spelunky.

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