Chris and Marsh get the comms horn for Fortnite’s spectacular server shutdown, eat the wave of FOMO in Destiny 2 and unleash their inner twat upon Disco Elysium. Also: house rules for goblins.

  • Fortnite Chapter 2 is a marketing coup and some sort of game, too, I guess.
  • A good thread on the aforementioned.
  • Chris often sinks his costly phallus into Destiny 2. That’s what I heard, anyway.
  • Yet another white man rises from a booze soup in Disco Elysium – but it’s still brilliant anyway. So far.
  • Fleabag is a fourth-wall-breaking TV show that may or may not be too embarrassing to bear.
  • Symbaroum – a fabulous dark fantasy world wrapped in a poorly edited manual.
  • Pip ran a game of Bubblegumshoe while at SHUX
  • Collateral Damage is the roleplaying game about being a movie extra.
  • Neon Black is not a real colour, but it IS a cyberpunk take on the Blades in the Dark roleplaying system.
  • Other pen and paper games mentioned: Numenera, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk Red, Dungeons & Dragons and Fantasy Flight’s Genesys system as used in its Star Wars games.
  • Gosh that was a lot of Googling, I hope these show notes are over.
  • Oh no there’s more
  • Amico is a new old console.
  • Music exists. There’s quite a lot of it about these days. Something should be done.
  • Wolf in the White Van is a good book by the Mountain Goat’s fella chap man John Darnielle
  • Convey me to my bed, then to my grave: Love they to live that love and honour have.

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