Alex and Chris discuss Resident Evil 3 and Twin Peaks VR before setting a course straight for the heart of men-in-helmets-land: Phoenix Point, Halo: Reach, and a little Destiny 2: Season of Dawn.

Also featuring: the true pillars of any hero’s journey, the retroactive bigtown crisis, the vital importance of denying yourself the dream gnome, and meditations on how to tell when a wizard is not a wizard and why that wizard can’t be you.

  • They’ve only gone and done another Resident Evil, and quickly, too!
  • Enter the world of the iconic locations of the big trombone of Twin Peaks VR.
  • Chris reports back from the front lines of the Crab War in Phoenix Point.
  • Halo: Reach: clunky, merely ganky, or a product of its time? Alex’s verdict: delicious.
  • In Destiny 2: Season of Dawn, the Mercury Man’s Magic Washing Machine just gotta keep on turnin’.

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