Chris and Tom return, having boldly reinterpreted the word ‘monthly’. After catching up on a year of life, house moves and hobby, we discuss Contrast, Warcry, and the latest fashions coming out of the Varanspire.

Plus: the many journeys a horse can go on, the Gagain Meat-Dress of Ghur, the vagiaries of Archaon’s eight-pointed lazy Susan, and the bird that got smarter when somebody hit it with a gong.

We’re very aware of the audio quality issues with this episode. This is because the good microphones remain in Chris’ old house, the domain of returning C&C podmaster Marsh Davies. We recorded this Miniatures Monthly at Chris’ new house on a single microphone. Then, it started raining really loudly. Sorry for any discontent caused! We’re going to see about finding a better solution when we return.

Here are some links!

Tom’s been using Contrast on some Skitarii for an upcoming kill team!
Contrast loves a wink – and a trenchcoat.
Chris’ Pious Vorne, painted with a mix of Contrast and traditional methods.
Chris’ first Chaos Space Marine test model, with a kitbashed Thunder Hammer.
The kitbashed Blood Knights that Chris took to doubles at LGT. They’ve not had their winks yet!
The next few images will illustrate Chris’ new batch painting method, as discussed on this episode. First, the models (in this case, Chaos Warriors) are primed with Chaos Black followed by a zenithal spray of Grey Seer. Please ignore the background Satan.
Metal areas (including gold bits) are blocked in with Leadbelcher, which covers nicely over Grey Seer.
Base colours are then filled in and the models are based. These are all single coats of Contrast, except the skin-cloak – that took a bit of wet blending.
After a highlight pass and some vital winks, they’re done!
The scene at the start of our Warcry game – Chris’ Iron Golem guarding their treasure stash from Tom’s Stormcast Vanguard and their many kleptomaniac pets.
It all comes down to this: a woman with a chain whip fighting the bird that stole her magic… compass? On a rooftop.

Our intro music comes courtesy of Mike Debenham.

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