It’s the end of the year! Pip, Marsh, Alex, Chris and a hologram of Tom Francis gather on a big sofa to discuss their favourite games of the year. Featuring Sekiro, Baba is You, Red Dead Redemption 2, Disco Elysium, Outer Wilds and more!

This’ll be our last podcast of the year – we’ll be back in January! If you like, you also have the option of watching this podcast on YouTube – view our faces! Watch us sit! Regard the takes!

Apologies to Tom, from me, Chris. I did not realise that I was occluding his entire form with my body. He’s there, honest. You’ll get to see him sometimes.

Here’s the short longlist of games discussed in this pod:

The list is singular, the games are plural.

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Our intro music is by The Mandibles from their track Clambake. Many of the band members now tour as Count Bobo And The Bullion.

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