Alex and Marsh take a jaunty journey into the depths of Hades and wander the Streets of Rogue. The RNs are very much G’d, gorillas freed and the roguelikes liked, to varying degrees. Also: patch note heresies and our favourite offal.

  • The Half-Lifes… Half-Lives?… They’re freeeee!
  • Some of the Half-Life: Alyx team answered questions on Reddit.
  • Does The Witcher’s success presage a wave of sexploitative videogame adaptations?
  • Unity’s short film, Heretic. Very cool. Not anything to do with games or making games, though, is it? Maybe they’ll release a 7-minute feature in which a techno-owl explains why their in-house version control solution is completely boned.
  • Ninja Theory’s Dreadnought Diary.
  • Hades: the god, the place and the game. It’s well anabatic. Great fish.
  • Streets of Rogue arranges its oats in many unique ways, but after a short while… maybe it needs some pecans? Couple of strawberries. Lush.
  • Yosser might?
  • How long is too long to maroon your family on an island?
  • Factorio will make you its slave. A very smart slave, with great bragging rights.
  • Can AI Dungeon write show notes for us, plz?
  • Resurrect Dig Dug II!
  • Squid or Bung?
  • Candy Crush was made by King, for the record.
  • Look at all the garbage inventory I drew for Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

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