Chris and Alex discuss some actual games news and bury themselves kneck-deep in Dark Future and World of Horror – just in time for a special report from salty ocean correspondent Pip!

Plus: voice controls, work-life balance, the hot panic of an embarassing gaming moment, our go-to grunts, and other emanations from this bumper episode of The Shame Edition.

Bar-ney, nooo-ooo-oooo!

  • Do go watch Larian’s ace Baldur’s Gate 3 demo from PAX East.
  • Here’s the first video in Valve’s series of Half-Life: Alyx gameplay reveals. You put the hat on, and the barnacle, he eat the hat.
  • Valve released Dota Underlords, and it’s like, a whole game, isn’t it.
  • Tom’s lovely game, Tasteful Bench Lizards. Do give it a spot on your wishlist!
  • Alex has been changing lanes without signalling in road-based roguelike Dark Future: Blood Rate States.
  • The other roadlike that we couldn’t remember the name of is Convoy.
  • Chris is very very into World of Horror, and is sorry for turning into a such a pseud on the pod. A pseud-o-pod, if you will. This is a joke. I’m sorry. Marsh tries very hard with these show notes, and I feel the need to do the same. Is it going well? It’s not.
  • Here’s Emily Short’s blog post about Aaron Reed’s horror novel Subcutanean.
  • Pip has become a lone wanderer of the Sea of Thieves, a fisherperson nonpareil, and the victim of a sequence of leech crimes.
  • It’s time for Kane’s ace GOTY 2019 website, corraling as it does the aggregate good taste of the Crate & Crowbar community. Honk!
  • A few nights ago I had a nightmare about these shownotes. I dreamed that it was necessary to provide a timestamp and detailed explanation for every joke on the podcast. I haven’t done this. Please don’t make me do this.
  • press triangle to barp

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