Chris, Marsh and a moth get drippy then descend into the underworld of Iris And The Giant, adjudicate on the latest Destiny drama and order a 14-inch stuffed-crust Warzone. The crust is stuffed with guns.

  • Bane of trans-pacific trade and the NBA: Geoff Keighley. Wash your hands to be spared his wrath.
  • Alan Hazelden has announced a new game which Pip – our very own Pip! – has written. A Monster’s Expedition (Through Human Exhibitions).
  • John Walker said nice things about it!
  • Dolorous CCG Iris And The Giant about punching demonic cats and being angry with yer dad.
  • Sure, go ahead. Show him the red card for eating Kevin De Bruyne. See what he does.
  • Destiny: “it’s a lot like Crufts”. The kids be angry at the new season, even though the beach volleyball robomancy is good.
  • I contend that if a footballer can be a bear, a gun can be a boss.
  • Doc Burford has this article on Vice all about Destiny 2’s latest travails.
  • Happy Meal Toy Tom Clancy: Call of Duty Warzone.
  • Spacestation is to gun, as gun is to video format?
  • Psychoghost’s video of Hunt: Showdown tips.
  • Berserk – a very violent manga that was at least a minor inspiration for some aspects of Dark Souls.
  • Lindsey Ellis’s video on JK Rowling’s incessant over-definition of the Harry Potter universe.
  • Hilary Mantel’s superb historical novels, Wolf Hall, Bring Up The Bodies and The Mirror And The Light.
  • Sadly, it turns out there is already an app called Tudr, and it’s a knowledge-sharing platform for college students and not a 16th century doomed wife solicitation sim.
  • The Color Out of Space: wiccan teens versus unfathomable cosmic terror! It’s good says Chris.
  • The Longing is a game that pointedly takes a boringly long time to play. Is that an interesting thing to do? Hmm.
  • “Time is interesting, man,” says Chris, so I guess the answer is yes.
  • Braid is a great puzzle game that exhaustively explores the use and manipulation of time.
  • A coda to the moth drama: as I released our friend into the uncertain night, another immediately entered, bringing the final score to Marsh 0, Insect-Tea Coalition 3

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