Hello! In this special mini-pod, Pip and Chris share their experiences of Animal Crossing: New Horizons while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. No spoilers, unless you didn’t know about the time that Chris killed his husband and fled to an island retreat with the family silver.

Things are tough all over, and so we thought we’d record this in order to share a game that’s been a genuine source of happiness for us – and for many others – over the last couple of days. You can also listen on YouTube, and our intro music is (as ever) Clambake by The Mandibles.

There was no podcast last week due to a combination of deadlines and coronavirus stress. We fully intend to keep producing C&C podcasts in the coming weeks and months, but the exact hows and whens are still being figured out. Given that we can’t record together, it’s likely that we’ll do some combination of VOIP and the sorts of one-person mini-pods that we’ve produced from time to time. Thanks for bearing with us.

We hope you’re staying safe! Keep those hands clean and those takes medium.