Tom F and Marsh are joined by the mellifluous voice of Graham Smith to have weird wives in Sigma Theory, poke fingers into Half-Life: Alyx’s fungal bird beaks and enjoy Valorant in the brief twilight that heralds our inevitable obsolescence.

  • A new game from Firaxis comes out next week! It’s XCOM: Chimera Squad, aka Tactical Breach Lizards.
  • What a wicky wild wild, wicky wicky wild, wicky wild, wicky wicky wild wild wild world we live in.
  • Soren Johnson has announced his new 4X game: The Wilder Olds. Wait. Older Wilds? Old World.
  • Jon Blow is working on, and streaming, an unannounced a game. I was going to say, “Can ya tell what it is yet?” like Rolf Harris, then remembered that he’s a sex criminal and now I’m sad.
  • Experience the suspense of Chekhov’s Spousal Betrayal in Sigma Theory: Global Cold War.
  • Valve’s reportedly superlative attempt to redefine the VR waggle-space for people who have large houses, empty rooms, no cats, 20-20 vision, an imperviousness to vertigo, a spare £1000 and who just love to sweat: Half-Life: Alyx. Sounds great.
  • But not as good as Beat Saber, maybe?
  • Riot’s mash-up of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Valorant.
  • Animal Crossing: Turnip Salve
  • The unrecommendable Wurm Online.
  • Make up stuff about goblins together at Roll20 dot net.
  • Jazzpunk is a game that looks like it would have been fun to make.
  • Similarly, Virtual Virtual Reality.
  • And TABS. Follow Wilhelm Nylund for amazing things he has seemingly bashed together with ease.
  • Welcome to Light Fields is a VR room thing that lets you explore the interior of a space shuttle via the reflections on a metal cup.
  • Pour one out for Geoguessr. They monetized it to bits, those animals.

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