Alex, Chris and Marsh gather to be confounded by Crucible, the first foray into videogames by billionaire devourer of iguana flesh, Jeff Bezos, and admire acrobatic aerial shmup Jet Lancer.

  • Crucible is out! Should Crucible be out? HMM.
  • Whither the edgy boys go? They go to be a sharkborg.
  • Fly, fly, up and away in Jet Lancer. It’s very cool. And it’s a bit like Luftrausers.
  • Except it isn’t like Luftrausers? Which is also very cool.
  • Deep Rock Galactic is a game we will play, myself while involuntarily imagining bulging spandex.
  • Heaven’s Vault: a game about archaeology and language that was rendered subjectively infuriating by its stumbling, wayward intrusion into the third dimension.
  • Come be a bogbuddy in the ultimate game of all time, Hunt: Showdown, which can easily culminate in concatenated disaster like this.

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