Alex, Chris and Marsh dispute the tutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, unpack throwback hack-n-slash Book of Demons, wibble beans in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and quibble shtick in meta point-n-click There Is No Game, before returning to our briny home.

  • Pony Island and Hex are the Daniel Mullins Games games which precede the recently unveiled Inscryption. Looks great. No idea what it is really.
  • Pony Canyon appears to be a Japanese publisher of music, games and anime. It is not the thing we talk about, but it is, apparently, irresistible to say.
  • Atomic Heart is a gorgeously arted Don’t Be Beaten Up By A Robot game.
  • Not becoming a museum is really hard.
  • Immersive not-sim robodino romp: Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  • Zero Horizon: Dawn?
  • Harry San: See A Dong?
  • Deer Bong: Hose On?
  • Herzog: Dear Ol’ Horn?
  • ZingZong: Dawn Hole?
  • Ah, the French!
  • Orson Welles’ perfect commercial for Paul Masson.
  • Good cauldron cooking and 90s hit-game nostalgia in deckbuilding hack-n-slash Book of Demons.
  • Come back next week or beyond for Blightbound chat!
  • Wibble your little bean-man to victory in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.
  • Enjoy wholesome family fall-out in Tricky Towers.
  • 4th-wall breaking UI vandalism in There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension.
  • Twiddly-bits game Windowsill by Vectorpark. You don’t have long to play this because Flash is to be killed off soon.
  • Also briefly mentioned, twiddly-bit game, The Room.
  • Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan: “He didn’t like it, but he had to go along with it.”
  • Now better known, to Chris at least, as playwright Patrick Marber.
  • Lamentable centrist podcast men talk about semiotics. “Sir, please, I only asked if you wanted fries with it.” etc.
  • Watch me detonate the tracks of Chris’s amphibi-brain-train. Sorry, Chris! Choo choo!
  • Immersive sim. What it be? Raph Colantonio has opinions. And we are three of maybe dozens of people who care about this.

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