Chris, Tom F and Marsh ogle the inter-corporate fisticuffs of Epic v Apple, boggle at the buffs of roguelike shooter Risk of Rain 2, make bassist assumptions in identity puzzler Family and fear ducks in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

  • It’s Tim vs Tim! Chris Plante has a good summary and analysis of the Epic/Apple lawsuit in his newsletter.
  • Dim Tanglell? Who he? We will never know or care again, hopefully.
  • Wash that Assburger down with a slug of Clancian Ribena in Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War
  • Due Process, the perennially awaited counter-terrorism shooter is finally out, sort of.
  • Become the ideal – half robot, half plant – in Risk of Rain 2
  • Make bassist assumptions in Family: it’s an Obra Dinn but for late 80s pop musicians from London!
  • Do we need a Book of Opposites to catalogue the spider-lemon / muffin-kraken spectra?
  • International verklempt facilitator / duck dread inducer: Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • Explore and paint a fantasy world in Eastshade.
  • Mýrdalssandur, Iceland is a nice walking simulator set in Mýrdalssandur, Iceland.
  • Rigid Rubbery Mountain Mage is the coincidentally also the name of Fleet Foxes new album.

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