Welcome to a new experiment from the Crate and Crowbar! We love games, but we’re also huge fans of films and television, especially in these Covid times, so we decided to start a podcast about all that. Tom Senior joins TV writer Jamie Brittain for a whiplash tour of the shows we’re watching right now. In spite of everything going on in the world, TV is amazing at the moment, and deserves to be celebrated.

As this continues we’re planning to touch on every genre and mode of TV we can find, from HBO dramas to soap operas, reality TV, and sports coverage. We’ve tried to put in spoiler warnings as required, but it’s worth noting that DEVS in particular shines if you go in completely cold. Now all that’s said, here are the show notes for episode 001.

Phew! We covered plenty of ground in this one, and we’ll cover plenty more soon. Email any feedback to crateandcrowbar@gmail.com. You can hang out with us and our community on our Discord channel. Head to the ‘telly and books’ channel for film ‘n TV chat.

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