Chris, Alex and Marsh boot up modern games made for ye olde machines (Micro Mages, Nox Archaist and Tanglewood), put the boot into baddies in Shady Knight, woodchip birdies in Journey to the Savage Planet and chop wood in Nordic survival hit Valheim.

  • Marty O’Donnell primes his Plangent Hero Horn for the return of Six Days in Fallujah.
  • Alex just can’t stop playing with his MiSTer.
  • Micro Mages, a cute 40kb platformer for the NES (that you can buy on Steam and play in Windows).
  • Nox Archaist, an 8-bit RPG for the Apple II (that you can buy on Steam and play in Windows).
  • Tanglewood a sprawling puzzle platformer for SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis (that you can buy on Steam and play in Windows).
  • Also mentioned: ninja platformer Cyber Shadow.
  • The beat-em-up game Alex struggles to name is Paprium. Which is a terrible name!
  • First-person combo-based spider-kicker: Shady Knight.
  • Chris erects his wonky chimney in indie Survival Viking (surviking?) megahit Valheim,
  • Flightless-bird-murdering zen: Journey to the Savage planet.
  • Fuck crystals.
  • Good proc-dungeons, Unexplored, probably Unexplored 2 soon, and also Brogue.
  • qomp! It’s fun to say and also a game!
  • Destiny continues, exhaustingly. Too many crystals for me.
  • Olija: is its harpoon a gimmick, like saying qomp, or not a gimmick, like a horse?

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