To new listeners: hello! To veteran listeners: we’re back! Welcome to the new incarnation of our Miniatures Monthly podcast, in which we enthuse about our latest hobby escapades in the world of mini painting and wargaming.

We’ve rebooted the pod with a looser format – expect a rotating cast of Tom, Chris, and Chimp (and guests perhaps??) as we aim to squeeze hobby chats into our work/life schedules as and when when we can. Battle reports are tricky at the moment because, well… *gestures at the whole global situation* But we still love painting tiny plastic people. Nothing can stop us from obsessing over new kits and army releases.

Thanks again to Mike Debenham for the Tiny Plastic People theme tune. Please send any questions and comments to We circle around a Sesame Street battle joke towards the end but here but couldn’t quite get there – all gag suggestions welcome.

Finally, the main weekly C&C videogame pod and extra projects like this are kindly supported by our Crate & Crowbar Patreon backers – many thanks to you all!

And now, read on for show notes and hobby pics…

  • Tabletop Simulator is an excellent resource for folks craving Warhammer tournament action.
  • See how Chris and Chimp have adapted the remarkable Mega-Gargant kit in the pics below.
  • En Grisaille painting technique involves using greyscale to establish volume and value before applying colour with inks or translucent paints, as expertly demonstrated in this MarcoFrisoniNM video.
  • Google Zenithal Priming and you will find many video tutorials dedicated to the technique of using light and dark undercoat sprays to establish lighting before colour is applied.
  • Chris has been learning from art director and game designer Paul Canavan.

A few pics of Chris’ latest projects – he’s Exitwarp on Instagram.

Here’s what Chimp has been working on – he’s thirtysevenvisibleskulls on Instagram.

And finally, the one thing Tom has done in 14 months. He’s Ludopaintsminis on Instagram.