Tom F, Chris, Alex and Graham debate values of Cuno in Disco Elysium: The Final Cut, hit weak-spots in Boomerang X, are underwhelmed by the underworld of Paradise Lost, somehow tolerate the lore of Ghostrunner and forget the name of Trials of Fire.

  • There’s another one of those games that they do. This one is Oxenfree 2. The first one had a radio and you could talk over people.
  • Epic’s hi-fi answer to Roblox elicits the full spectrum of reaction from cynicism to ambivalence. That be Core.
  • Epic have also busied themselves by releasing their digi-person creator tool, Metahuman. Like a character select screen without all the tedious baggage of a game attached. Marvellous!
  • Please replace my face with a LOD-mesh from the cloud.
  • Get your spritzers ready for the Witcher 3 mod which uses AI trained on existing voice-acting to generate new lines.
  • In other voice news: Disco Elysium returns with extra acting! IMDB your heart out. Good Cuno or Bad Cuno?
  • Lenval Brown is a bandmember of the ska act Maroon Town.
  • Acrobatic firstperson boomeranger, Boomerang X.
  • First-person combo-based spider-kicker: Shady Knight.
  • Investigate Wikihow Fascism in bunker-based explore-a-story Paradise Lost.
  • A better explore-a-story in which everyone is dead: What Remains of Edith Finch.
  • A worse explore-a-story in which at least one person is dead: The Suicide of Rachel Foster.
  • Gone Home and Firewatch are still among the best examples of this genre. And, though not mentioned on the podcast, Tacoma, too.
  • Play as Jack Ghostrunner, a videogame man in a videogame land, in Ghostrunner, the twitchy and kinetic opposite of the opposite of Boomerang X.
  • Tactics/deck-builder mash-up with a name that will fall immediately out of your brain the second after reading it: Trials of Fire
  • Fights in Tight Spaces is another really interesting tactics deck-builder.
  • I wrote that initially as Tights in Fight Spaces, which is a luchador fashion game that I want to play.
  • Griftlands, aka Grivluns, is a roguelike deckbuilder with a narrative which may hinder its longevity.
  • No one can fix this.

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