Tom S, Alex and Marsh are generated by an algorithm to assemble words about fan-made Metroid game Prime 2D, digiperson creator Metahuman, hellish refresh Diablo II: Resurrected, weirdo retro Mr. Do! and cosmic metaphor Genesis Noir.

  • A new trailer for Skin Deep by Brendon Chung (aka Blendo Games). It’s systemic-y Die Hard in Space!
  • Brendon Chung’s previous games include: Thirty Flights of Loving, a short-form spy thriller, and Quadrilateral Cowboy, a systemic hacking/heist game.
  • Prime2D: a fan-made side-scrolling remake of the fabulous firstperson Metroid Prime of yore. Get it before it’s squashed!
  • Make uncannily symmetric HD pretty-boys with Metahuman. But, sadly, no Brodies allowed.
  • Smile!
  • Poke, poke, poke with Diablo II: Resurrected. It’s all just clicking isn’t it?
  • Speed up said clicking with the mod, MedianXL.
  • Alex has stuck a Mr on his MiSTer, but finds his wife mishandling his balls. That Mr is Mr. Do!
  • You can read Alex’s article about his MiSTer in Men’s Health Edge Magazine.
  • Genesis Noir: more like disappoint and click, amirite?
  • The Easy Rawlins novels are some good noir.
  • The Third Man is a great film with, in my unpopular opinion only, a terrible zither soundtrack and a very long sewer level.
  • Twas Vienna, not Prague, of course.
  • M. Ezio is 40% nose and probably a sex offender.
  • The AI-voiced Witcher 3 mod. Spritz that shit.
  • I am VERY invested in the backstory of Glup Shitto.
  • The world no longer needs our meat.
  • Gawain and the Green Slime was a good joke that I missed during the podcast itself. I now commend it for posterity.

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