The podcast formerly known as Miniatures Sometimes returns! Chris and Chimp discuss Age of Sigmar’s imminent new edition as well as its assorted golden people and the gribbles whom they skewer. Then: at least an hour of mild opinions on Soulblight Gravelords, or your money back!*

Thanks, Mannfred. Thanks, Skaven. Thanks, Jasper.

*This podcast is, was, and should be, free.

Thanks as ever to Mike Debenham for our intro music and to everybody who supports C&C on Patreon.

It’s Chimp’s lovely turtle-in-progress!
Chris’ completed Daughters of Khaine army project.
Chris’ Be’lakor. He point, he go bleh.
Chris’ pile of Cursed City villains and monsters.
Chris’ take on the heroes of Cursed City.