Chris and Chimp avoid falling down a vampire hole just long enough to fall into a different, deeper hole: Age of Sigmar’s new edition and the many sweeping changes that it has visited upon our favourite game.

Featuring a varied month (ish) of hobby, ruminations upon special characters, drumming out the big beats of Age of Sigmar, and not one but two (!) battle reports (!) from Warhammer (!) played in real life (!) in a garden (!)

Big thanks to Mike Debenham for our intro music, and just as big thanks to everybody who supports C&C on Patreon.

A bloodthirsty melee erupts in the cool shadow of the Battle Gazebo, upon the lawn of war, near the clothesline of skulls, or something.
Chimp’s custom Skryre Acolytes.
Chimp’s lovingly stippled Tau Crisis Suit.
Chimp’s work-in-progress Akhelian Allopexes.
Chimp’s new ghosts: Lady Olynder and her Hexwraith bodyguards.
Chris’ Vengorian Lord.
Chris’ take on the Ven Densts, agents of the Order of Azyr.
Chris has also painted some of the new Stormcast, in an appalling reversal of Minis Monthly tradition.
Chris’ Knight-Vexillor heralds the start of Hot Sigmar Summer.
Finally, Chris has painted Skarbrand, Khorne’s dumbest son.