Chris and Marsh mull over videogame fictions on TV, reject the inhumanity of space capitalism in Citizen Sleeper, embrace the inhumanity of space capitalism in Dune: Spice Wars, bounce off Dracula’s digs in V Rising, and get their Sokob-on in Jelly Is Sticky.

  • Sony says its creating TV series based on Horizon, God of War and Gran Turismo.
  • Sorry that I come across as a bit of a Sammy in this section. I don’t think these will definitely be bad, I just feel we need more telly that is made primarily because it promises to be good telly in its own right rather than because it will bring in an audience from elsewhere.
  • “But it’s just another war!”
  • Master Chief’s canon misfires in the weird Halo TV series
  • Citizen Sleeper is a superb narrative RPG about a sad robot, trying to make a life on a shattered space station as their body fails and bounty hunters close in.
  • Dune: Spice Wars is a good realtime grand strategy game that necessarily but perhaps disappointingly offers a more consistent and predictable level playing field than the fiction presents.
  • V Rising is like an isometric bloodsucking Valheim. But perhaps it needs a Renfield to do the monkeywork?
  • Jelly Is Sticky is an excellent Sokoban puzzle game about different kinds of jelly and its various levels of stickiness.

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