Pip, Tom F, Chris and Marsh gather to discuss the oldest recipe, what windows are and whether objects are real. Also! Videogames: The Wild at Heart, Citizen Sleeper, Norco and Hellsinger. Also also: the return of Questions from Questions and, thrice-also, a quiz.

  • Zachtronics is shutting down with one more game: Last Call BBS
  • The Wild at Heart is a cute Pikminvania game
  • Nine minutes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge leads to more minutes of nonsense than I, or probably you, anticipated
  • Citizen Sleeper is a hot new narrative game set aboard a space-station where you play a sad synthetic being
  • Norco is also a hot new narrative game and also about being sad, but this time in a near-future Louisiana
  • Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm-action FPS where you play a demon lady.
  • I should write show-notes for all the questions but I won’t. I just won’t.
  • We had more excellent questions than we had time to answer – maybe we’ll get to them next game-pod!
  • Pip is working on Little Kitty, Big City, a lovely game about an easily distracted cat.
  • Tom is working on Tactical Breach Wizards, a turnbased game about defenestration – but not enfenestration.
  • Marsh is working on Teeth, a series of tabletop RPGs set in a cursed 18th-century England, three of which are available with a Kickstarter to come.
  • Chris is working on Hytale, a massive sandbox RPG, and writing stories about Warhammer gribblies for the Black Library.

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