Join Jamie Brittain and Alex Wiltshire on the muggy spectrum, where we discuss the shrinking spaces of Elden Ring, the very Xbox 360 thrills of Geometry Wars and Halo 3, and briefly touch on the ludicrous joys of Dmc.

Also! We find out what the guy over Jamie’s back gate is up to, discover how many times Alex’s daughter has completed Breath Of The Wild, and learn why 2007 was a terrible year for Jamie’s mental health, but an excellent year for Grolsch, Lambert & Butler and overlooked sports games.

  • Hail satan! American video game retail titan Gamestop is getting into NFTs just in time.
  • Take a leaf from Michael Owen’s book, and simply make NFTS that won’t lose value.
  • Elden Ring, remains very good indeed, even if you forsake the Outer Git Gud and summon spuriously through the back half. The Comet Azure build is very silly, and very fun.
  • Is Elden Ring better than Breath Of The Wild? Quite possibly!
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gorgeous mediation on horse testicle shrinkage, and possibly other stuff too.
  • Jamie calls Destiny 2 Density 2 in his head, every single time, and now you have to as well.
  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved is excellent.
  • Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 is also excellent, even if the 2 should be before the colon, not after.
  • Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has the number in the right place but is otherwise considered a bit of a mess by fans, though it’s probably still dead good.
  • Backgammon has a doubling cube which is basically the precursor to the smartbomb in Retro Evolved in so many entirely cogent ways.
  • Halo 3 has them good singing monks and a sense of narrative brevity.
  • Crestfallen Warrior simulator Skyrim.
  • Rockstar Table Tennis ruined my life, but my god, it was so worth it! (Aside: it was not worth it.)
  • Devil May Cry: Dmc is really excellent, the right kind of bad taste.

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