In which Tom Senior and Jamie Brittain convene to report back on their recent exploits in Multiversus, chat in an entirely spoiler free way about Immortality, jabber about, and then speculate on what divine revelations might be about to occur to Tom Senior, Cyborg Boy after his recent appointment with one of them high Bath pavements.

Sorry for the slight audio issues on this ep, Jamie was broadcasting from a very rainy conservatory, and to be honest it’s a flippin’ miracle he sounds as good as he does.

  • Multiversus, the free to play sensation sweeping the nation, an unexpected gem.
  • Immortality, the latest Sam Barlow video em up.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, now on Steam, full of big hearted web slinging delights and surprises.
  • Tom breaking his shoulder on one of them high Bath pavements isn’t a game, but it is very funny, though of course we are mostly just relieved he is okay and back to men paintin’. Content warning though, Tom breaking his shoulder, and tripping balls in hospital.

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