Jamie, Tom S and Marsh press the electric brain’s hot-take button to generate plausible opinions on proc-gen classic Dwarf Fortress, Marvel deck-builder-tactics mash-up Midnight Suns, animated medieval manuscript mystery Pentiment, and genealogical rogue-lite Rogue Legacy 2.

  • Press A to advance through perplexingly titled visual novel Umineko When They Cry.
  • The triumphant Steam release of modern classic Dwarf Fortress has graphics now, and, maybe surprisingly, that really matters.
  • Confusing turnbased-tactics / card-game chimaera Midnight Suns might actually be a low-key dog-smashing classic.
  • Gotham Knights is not a low-key classic but a slightly botched DC goon-pummeler.
  • Pentiment is a terrific encapsulation of medieval life, art and belief, elegantly enclosed in a murder mystery, itself enclosed by a slightly unknowable interactive space.
  • Rogue Legacy 2 is an excellent evolution of the rogue-lite platformer where each run is enacted by successive heroic generations.

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