Tom S, Jamie and Marsh roll up to Baldur’s Gate 3, a distressingly horny roleplaying masterpiece, discover the cancel culture of The Wonderful 101, and use demons like yo-yos in Astral Chain.

  • Baldur’s Gate 3, a CRPG classic in the making, and one of the sluttiest games ever made
  • D&D roleplay podcasts: The Adventure Zone, Dungeons and Daddies, Rude Tales of Magic
  • The Monte Cook roleplaying game Jamie is trying to remember is Predation (though Numenera is also great!)
  • The Wonderful 101 is Platinum’s cartoon superhero combo brawler, touted as the spiritual sequel to Viewtiful Joe
  • Astral Chain is Platinum’s game about cops versus demons
  • Vanquish is Platinum’s slidey robot shooter
  • Transformers: Devastation is Platinum’s surprising foray into a true trash licence
  • Platinum Games also had a hand in Final Fantasy 16 and Nier Automata
  • Madworld was Platinum’s first game and promised a catalogue of hyperviolent Wii games that never arrived, possibly because it wasn’t very good
  • Bayonetta is Platinum’s masterpiece and I totally don’t get it, sorry
  • DmC was Ninja Theory’s take on the Devil May Cry series
  • Pikmin 4 is incoming and has a free demo.

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