In which livers weep. Tom S is underwhelmed by Batman: Arkham Origins and no amount of bat-glue will convince him otherwise. Meanwhile, Graham gets suckered by Football Manager 2014 and Tom F battles unspeakable blasphemies in Eldritch.

Plus: Marsh is exasperated by Splinter Cell’s self-effacing cutscenes, we discuss the nature of dread (it is Halloween, after all), solve space combat and kvetch about the ethics of early access (again). Oh, and we’re still working on those forums. Hang in there!

Show notes

  • Firstperson roguelike, Eldritch.
  • Unsettling firstperson games by Ice-Pick LodgeThe Void and Pathologic.
  • Robert Aickman is the horror author Marsh is failing to remember. A posthumous collection, The Unsettled Dust, is one to look out for and contains the brilliantly unheimlich story, The Stains.
  • While we’re at it, M John Harrison is another fantastic and criminally uncelebrated writer of deeply disquieting fiction – both Aickman and he are the recommended reading of PC Gamer’s production editor, Tony Ellis. He has pretty much the best taste.
  • Emily Carrol’s very creepy comic Out Of Skin. Stuff this good shouldn’t be free.
  • Emily Carrol was also the artist on The Yawhg, as discussed with affection on a previous podcast.
  • Limp prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins.
  • Football management game, Football Manager 2014.
  • Ridiculously successful crowdfunded space game, Star Citizen. So much fwump. So wow.
  • The physics of space battles – some thoughts by Joseph Shoer, a fellow with a Phd in aerospace engineering.